Can I still file for bankruptcy, now that the laws have chanaged?

Absolutely! Bankruptcy still remains the best option for serious debt problems. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are great alternatives for consumers, and Chapter 11 remains a clean option for business reorganizations. Contact my office for a free consultation or more information.

How much does it cost? How will I pay?

Most Chapter 7 cases are less than $1,000.00 in attorneys' fees, and I will take payments prior to filing the case. Most Chapter 13 cases have the majority of attorneys' fees paid in your monthly payment. So it isn't really expensive or difficult to manage payment of your fees.

What's the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?

Chapter 7 is generally for getting rid of all your debt completely and getting a fresh start, while Chapter 13 is generally for consolidating some or all of your debt into one, manageable, monthly payment.

Will I lose all of my property if I file Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 is titled "Liquidation." However, there is a long, long, list of items that are fully or partially exempt. Ordinary household furnishings, vehicles below a certain value, equity in your home up to a certain extent, are fully exempt. Contact my office for more information.

Can I file, even if I've filed before?

Yes! If your prior case was a chapter 13, you can file a chapter 7 any time after 2 years from the date the Chapter 13 was filed. If your prior case was a chapter7, you can file a chapter 7 after 8 years, and a chapter 13 at any time, but with much better outcome if four years have passed.

"I was worried I would lose everything. Brian helped me sort things out and restored my life. I don't know where I'd be without him!"

-Sue H. Ogden, UT