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The Truth About Divorce And Family Law

There are a lot of sources of information about divorce. Experienced attorneys, legal research, television and the internet, and friends and family: All of these sources can give us some insight into the divorce process. But not all of these sources are reliable.

So many of us are influenced by media and relationships, but these sources often give us wrong information. They tell us how the divorce process should look. They tell us that divorce takes place in a public courtroom, with both parties clawing and scratching over every issue.

But what if there is a better way?

With BDJ Express Law, there is a better way. Our lead attorney, Brian D. Johnson, has 26 years of legal experience and is a legal expert in this area of law. Ending your marriage doesn’t have to be as dramatic as you may think. We want to help you find resolutions quickly, with a minimum of stress.

We know the processes available in divorce and family law, and we use that knowledge to find resolutions that actually work for each individual client. Serving Utah, including Ogden and Salt Lake City, we take the time to listen to our clients and help them find a way through the process that will work best for their needs.


“Just because someone you’ve talked to had a terrible divorce, that doesn’t mean your divorce has to be terrible. Every situation is different. Along with my legal team, I focus on helping my clients craft a divorce strategy that meets their needs. I will create a unique divorce strategy to meet your unique situation and needs.” – Brian D. Johnson

We Are On Your Side

Family law cases are often the most difficult to handle. Usually, you are fighting for your rights to keep your home or for your rights to be with your children. During a divorce case, your relationship with your children can be greatly impacted. You may also deal with a former spouse or partner that is difficult. We will do everything we can to minimize any negative effects or strain that is put on your family.

We Have The Experience You Need

Our team has spent countless hours in court and has experience in contested divorce, uncontested divorce, adoption, alimony, custody, child support, divorce modification and paternity cases. Our divorce attorney knows how to win, but also knows when to negotiate. We will make sure you know when you should fight and when it is appropriate to settle.

Our Clients Matter To Us

At BDJ Express Law, we value our customers and you can count on us to be honest and dependable. We’ll make sure you are involved with important matters throughout the whole process of your case. Whenever possible, we try to save you money by helping you avoid months, sometimes years, of expensive litigation in court. Our clients frequently recommend us to friends and family because of their great experience with our law firm. We’ll do our best to make this difficult time of your life a more positive experience.

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